"I love reading it because it's like she's doing all of the research I'm too lazy to do."

"I want to say thank you. After reading your blog for a while today, I am so encouraged. [My husband] and I are struggling and "thoughtfully trying" as you put it. Your entries have lifted my spirit and changed my focus. I am praying for a wonderful pregnancy for you and Jon. I will be rereading you blog every day of this struggle as a reminder to not lose hope. Thank you again..."

"I subscribe to your blog and I'm thankful for all your thoughts and experiences, and the fact that you are paving the way!"

"I appreciate your honesty and candor and you're also very funny! I've wanted to find the right man to marry and have babies with for SO long, but you helped remind me that it is in God's time, not mine. That can be hard to remember. So thank you!!"