How We Met

Jonathan and Laura met in 2005 while serving on the worship team at their church in Manassas, Virginia. Although Manassas is Laura's hometown, God put in quite a few miles to get these two in the same place. Jonathan traveled all the way from Bakersfield, California with his family in 2004 while Laura temporarily ran away to Texas for school until 2005. When they met, an amazing 7th grade style romance was born with lines like, "Do you like me?", "Can we hold hands?", "You're cool.", and "I like your blue guitar." 
A 3-year long-distance relationship took their middle school conversations on the collegiate track as they were forced to communicate like adults. In the mean time, Laura completed her Bachelor's of Arts in Communication from George Mason University while Jonathan worked on his Bachelor's of Science in Business from Liberty University.
On June 28, 2008, they were married in the same church where they first met. Jonathan and Laura began their life together in Lynchburg, Virginia where Jonathan completed his Bachelor's in Business and Laura earned her Master's in Management.
(See Nutshell and blog for a better description of their baby, miscarriage, different house, moved in with parents, moved into a town house, baby, bought first home, new job, newer job, and now.)