In A Nutshell

I am still working on being a housebroken mom. I enjoy cleaning but I hate cooking. I enjoy day-time television but I don't like soap operas. I don't like washing clothes but I enjoy folding them.   I love writing and learning. So this is me  writing about learning to be house broken.

I'm not an expert, but I am honest about my experiences. There is no "one ring to rule them all" way to approach life. That being said, this blog chronicles our journey to conception and now to parenthood. Its full of frustration, sarcasm, hope, medical jargon, and personal experiences.

My husband and I decided to start trying to have a baby around Christmas of 2009. It took over a year to finally conceive. The first blog posts are related to our frustrations and disappointments on that journey.
On October 28th 2011, Joanna Rose was born at 10lb 4oz. She makes us laugh every day, even when we were too tired to think straight. We made baby food, cloth diapered, baby wore, and more.

We decided to have another baby. Sadly, on June 29th, our second child went directly to the arms of God. Our loss coincided with a major storm that knocked out our power for 9 days. Left powerless, we had to rely and lean into God without the distraction of our man-made comforts.

On November 25th 2013, Susan Louise was born at 10lb 1oz in the hospital where I was born. Our daughters adore each other (usually) and our family is complete.