EPT Sucks.

Yea, I said it. EPT brand of prenancy tests suck. They are confusing and not worth the hassle. I took the test this morning, and because I threw the box out (like most women), I was very confused at the results. Rushing to google image, I entered "EPT positve test result picture" and the first 10 photos matched my results! I was so excited!! I took a half day of work and surprised Jonathan with a card and baby blanket to let him know we were pregnant! I also picked up extra pregnancy tests so we could have digital results for better pictures. The second test? Negative.. I verified this morning's picture again after 30 minutes of searching online - also negative.

I spent 6 hours thinking I was pregnant. Don't get me wrong, I absolutely take blame for not fully researching what a positive result would look like. I do not blame EPT for that. HOWEVER, this is how most women misread pregnancy tests! What woman keeps the little instructions and box? Not many. Most tests have the indicator written on the actual test rather than a separate peice of paper. I'm just saying that they could be a lot less sucky if they had an indicator on the actual pee stick like their competitors.

So, still not pregnant, but we are certainly continuing the journey of trying.


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