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Rehabbing Leopard Print Tieks

.. I bought another pair of Tieks.

Watch me as I attempt to justify this purchase to myself in terms of money and storage space:

I have a pair of leopard ballet flats that I love to wear but they make my back ache after a few hours. I hadn't worn them in over a year; I loved the way they looked and hated the way they made my body feel. It didn't make sense to keep them, regardless of how pretty they were.

I knew my best option for comfort would be Tieks. Would you like to guess the MSRP of the Leopard Tieks? $265 - as much as my Moonstruck and Lovestruck Tieks (which I still adore and wear several times a week.)

I knew I couldn't swing another $265 on our limited budget. I also didn't want to add another pair to my shoe storage, even though they were replacing my uncomfortable pair. This situation called for my old friend: eBay. I decided to sell my Biscotti patents on eBay for $85 (originally purchased for $53). I rarely wore them and I couldn't justify keeping…

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