Monday, October 31, 2011

Thoughts from C-Section Recovery

First of all, we have the best daughter in the history of babies. I realize there is a very long history of babies, but rest assured that she is the best. Ever.

Less than 24 hours after surgery
The surgery was a huge success and my recovery is going better than anticipated. Each time a nurse checks my incision, they make a comment on how well its healing and how great I'm doing. (I know I'm the only one they ever say those things to because I just had the best daughter in history so they're simply recognizing my mad skills.) It took me a day or so to get back on my feet (literally) and move around "wirelessly" without an IV, catheter, and other fun medical equipment. I'm able to get in and out of bed on my own now, I can shower, I can use the bathroom, I can change diapers standing up; I feel like super woman! Thanks percecet!

Usually recovery is longer and harder than my experience. If I hadn't just given birth to the best daughter in history with the greatest husband in the galaxy, it would be harder for me, too. Jonathan has been super human in taking care of me. Our parents have jumped at every opportunity to serve us and love us. Our incredible family and friends made sure to encourage us and love Joanna (although it's not very hard to love someone like her). Big shout out to Briana who drove 6 total hours to spend 3 hours holding her honorary niece. I can't wait to do the same for her one day!

Daddy's girl
In terms of pain, it's a very real and expected part of recovery. Having a C-section is not a way to skip pain - it's just a different way to give birth. Rather than having one's pain take place in one (or two) concentrated days, the pain is spread out over days/weeks. The incision hurts in a sharp way without my beautiful drugs. Cramping and getting my piping back in order causes aches and lots of pressure. Walking, sitting up, adjusting, or just using stomach muscles at all can present a variety of pains.

The most rewarding pain of all has been trying to nurse. Our beautiful roly poly needs to maintain her gorgeous curves and I happily oblige. I'll likely do a post just about nursing because its something that most pregos experience, regardless of their birth story. I'm extremely thankful that I didn't have major lactation issues. The biggest hurdle we've encountered is her comfort level - she gets way too comfy while nursing and often falls asleep soon after latching. We have to keep her awake by keeping her cold and angry. It's a beautiful and beneficial torture technique. Not only do I have pain at the site of her nursing (obviously), but my uterus contracts while she goes at it. Nursing helps my uterus go back to its original shape and location, therefore helping me get back to my original shape.

"Oh hai world!"
BIG thanks to the nurses at Virginia Baptist Hospital. I'm nothing short of impressed with their professionalism, compassion, insight, and preparedness during this time. They answer our stupid questions without giving us a stupid tone, they bring extra slices of cheese cake, and they take the time to explain things to us until we understand what's going on.

On another note, I do plan on posting a post-baby photo. When I googled for one a few months back, I was [not completely] surprised at the lack of post pardom photos of mama's. I'm certainly not pre-prego size, but I'm not ginormous either.  I'd say I'm close to where I was at Week 21.

Off to bed for our final night in the hospital!

Friday, October 28, 2011

Our Birth Story

Wow. I'm sitting here typing in the dark as my beautiful husband and beautiful baby sleep away their monumental day. I'm hooked up to several machines to monitor every move and bodily function and I still feel accomplished and humbled by God's glory.

It all started this morning as I awoke with a grumbly belly from not being able to eat since midnight. My surgery was at 1:45 and we had to arrive at 11:45. Thanks to an unexpected detour and U-turn, we arrived at 11:50. We registered, went upstairs, had my final weigh in (218lbs!) and were taken to our first room. After changing into a gown that didn't cover my butt at all (my bump far exceeded the average allotted circumference) I sat on a stretcher to answer questions to confirm my medical history, etc. They recorded my blood pressure, took a urine sample, and gave me a glorious IV that hurt like the dickens! (Because I was so dehydrated, they skipped the numbing drug and just stuck the big needle in first. Owies.)

Then we waited a half hour. 45 minutes. One hour. 90 minutes. Two hours.

We learned many things during these two hours. First of all, I was having contractions 2 minutes apart and barely felt them! Doc attributed the lack of pain to my thick cervix. It was stubbornly refusing to thin and Joanna never fully engaged. Good thing we were already planning a C-section! We also learned that there were several vaginal deliveries my doc had to make before us that backed up her surgical schedule. There was another patient prego ahead of us that was getting sliced. They began prepping me at 4:00 immediately following Nate Berkus (thanks God!) and we started the fun!

Right before surgery
I was admitted to the OR at 4:09. That freakin' epidural hurt. Holy Moses. At first it was refreshing to have my back cooled off by the ice cold rag she used to prep the area. The numbing shot wasn't bad. The epidural was put in slightly to the right, then slightly to the left, then again, and again, and again, and again, and another time for good measure, then one more time. They layed me on the surgical slab as my body went numb from my chest down. It was weird, exciting, and confusing! I was given an oxygen mask, my bed was tilted to the left because my breathing became more difficult given the 55 lb bowling ball still on my chest.

Jonathan entered the room looking like McDreamy and sat with me as they jostled me around. I asked when they would get started and she said that the baby was almost out. "Oh! Okay!"

Great lungs!
I heard crying. I heard the beautiful cries of my beautiful baby.

"Oh there's a big round head!"

Thanks nurse obvious :)

They held her above the partition so I could catch a glimpse. "Wow! She has hair! She's so round! She's gorgeous!"

They took her to get cleaned up and I asked Jonathan to snap some photos...

"10 lb 4 oz"

Holy crap. She really is 10 pounds!!!! YEAAA!

She scored between an 8 and a 9 on her APGAR. Everything looked good! They were going to double check her for diabetes because of her size - no diabetes :) She does have a condition where our blood types aren't compatible, so she may have jaundice in the next few days and she may not. It's something they'll keep an eye on.

Layer by layer, I was stitched back together as the nurses talked about what their kids would dress as for Halloween. Jonathan wheeled our little girl to the nursery to join her birthday buddies. Along the way she met up with the grandparents and they snapped tearfully proud photos of their offspring's offspring.

I'm then wheeled to a recovery room where I'm fed ice chips and asked to wiggle my toes. I felt like Uma Thurman in Kill Bill - I couldn't do it at first but I just kept trying and trying. Those ice chips were so good. Oh my. Joanna joined us about an hour later and I was finally able to really get a good look at our contribution to society. She is so gorgeous!! While still paralyzed, I tried nursing and was mildly successful. She kept falling asleep but thankfully it didn't hurt me to breastfeed. I think I'll be one of the few that has little issues with nursing!! Praise God!

Eventually I could move my leg but not my toes so they let me go to our mother baby room. It's here where the nausea sets in. Reminiscent of last winter, I couldn't keep anything down. It's a normal side effect of a C-section, especially for a pregnancy that already battled with nausea. I wasn't worried, nurses weren't worried, but I'm just really annoyed. At least I can taste popsicles and ice water. They tell me that as soon as I pass gas, I can have a grilled cheese sandwich! I've never been so motivated to fart!

So here we are: I'm sitting in my electronic bed watching Craig Fergusen and listening to the beautiful snores of my brave husband. I love that guy. He gave me a beautiful gift of our daughter. And God has given us the greatest gifts of all - life and love.

Welcome to our family, Joanna!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Pre-Op for C-Section

We had our pre-op meeting and lab work-up today. Our nurse was hilarious - I love a nurse with a sense of humor :) I went back to get weighed and I let her know that I'll be losing a lot of it soon. She laughed. I laughed. I knew we'd get along! She asked me medical questions including "Have you been pregnant in the past 3 months?" Ha! She tried taking blood out of my usual arm but I was too dehydrated. Fortunately, righty was there to lend a hand.. er.. vein. We then met with a surgical nurse who walked us through the procedure and what I need to do in the next 24 hours.

Basically, I take a shower tonight and 2 hours later I use these anti-bacterial surgical wipey things to be extra clean on my body, then an extra wipe for my belly.  She said not to shave at this point (yay for shaving last night!). I can't eat or drink ANYTHING after midnight tonight. ANYTHING. Not even water. Jonathan said he's going to take me out to eat to any restaurant I want! Applebees here we come! Until midnight, I plan on staying awake and getting myself tired so I sleep for 10-12 hours and wake up right before going to the hospital. I'm all packed, the house is clean-ish-er, and we're as ready as we'll ever be for our DAUGHTER!

Holy crap. I'm having a daughter.



Anyway, on our C-Day, we check in at 11:45 and fill out some paperwork. We'll then be taken to a room where I change into a gown, get a catheter, get an IV, Jonathan gets his scrubs, and we wait for me to get sliced open. She said it takes about 10 minutes to get the baby out and about 30 to 45 minutes to sew me back up layer by layer. After Joanna is taken out, the nurses let daddy cut the cord. (Aww!) I won't get to hold her skin to skin because I'll be hooked up to an IV and a blood pressure monitor and other things. I was bummed when I heard that but I totally understand. After they weigh her and clean her up, Jonathan gets to carry her to the nursery (Awwww!) while they stitch me back up. I'm then wheeled back to recovery until my anesthesia wears off, then to our mother baby room where I'll recover for the rest of the weekend.

In less than 24 hours, I'll be holding my baby daughter. There is no word or emoticon I could use that conveys the sheer joy that I feel! YAAAAAAY!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

I'm Awesome

I totally just shaved my legs. By myself.

Take that, 40.5 weeks and 50 extra pounds :)

Peoples is Peoples

I'm not sure why people think I won't tell them when I give birth. I let the world know when my cat farted - of course I'm going to tell people.

Since Joanna's due date, here are some comments via text, email, and Facebook wall posts:
  • So....are you a mommy yet???
  • So is this it.... The big day?
  • Joanna... can't wait to meet you! (that one was really sweet. I didn't mind that one at all)
  • Are you a mom yet? 
  • How have you not popped?
  • You're still pregnant?
  • Joanna, we're waiting sweetheart...
  • I thought they were sawing you in half today? (one of my favorites)

I'm giving up Facebook until she gets here. It's only pissing me off at this point. I'm not bugged by the waiting but rather I'm bugged by the people bugging me and/or telling me that it's okay that she's late. I KNOW. I'm okay waiting for her. Everyone else needs to be okay waiting for her, too.

I'm still highly entertained by my mother's emails and texts though :) Those can keep coming, I don't mind them.

I'm also highly entertained by this photo that Ashley posted on my wall:

Monday, October 24, 2011

40 Week Photo

40 Weeks

How is she still inside of me? It looks like I shoved a balloon up my shirt. My tank top that I usually wear for these comparison photos wouldn't cover all of my belly - if that ain't a sign that I'm huge, I don't know what is. Fortunately I had another black top in a bigger size. I'm amazed that after gaining 50+ pounds, my face, butt, legs, and arms are still the same size they were before I was pregnant. That in itself is amazing. It also means ALL of my weight was gained in front. I'm going to have the strongest back and shoulders on the block!

Texts My Mom Sends

I've been keeping track of some of the emails/texts my mom has been sending during these final weeks. Here are some of my favorites:

  • [Oct 11] Knock knock. Who's there? Grandma. Grandma who? Grandma who's been saying that you would be born today with the full moon to give your mom some relief! That's who!
  • [Oct 16] Joanna wants to come out because she is done baking like a hefty Thanksgiving turkey. 
  • [Oct 23] Joanna didn't come today because she didn't want to be a Libra. She's a Scorpio now so we'll see you soon!
  • [Oct 24] Happy New Zealand Labour Day! That must mean something.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Due Date Day and Zodiac Signs

October 23rd has come and gone.


I never ever would have thought I'd make it this long. Ever. Mom thought that it was because Joanna wanted to be a Scorpio instead of a Libra. I like that theory.

According to Wikipedia, Libras are outwardly expressive and tend to be extroverts. Scorpios on the other hand have this to live up to:

People born when the sun crosses Scorpio generally have a very magnetic and intense personality. Most often get into quarrels and can be very anti-social. They give off an intense love and can be the most affectionate sign. They can be defensive, and thus can get angry easily, but this rarely happens. Their personality is often so intense that they can often be nothing, or they can be everything. Bill Gates is a Scorpio, but so is Charles Manson. They can be artistic and immensely creative and they have good skills, sometimes better than the other astrology signs. There is another phase that a Scorpio can take on: the Eagle; Scorpio in the eagle phase are the wise ones. Eagles soar the sky, seeing everyone else's havoc with his keen and intelligent eyes.

Umm.. well, only time will tell! I know nerd runs in our family so I wouldn't mind a Bill Gates. Seems like Scorpios lead an "all or nothing" type of life.

Bill Gates trying to be cool.

On another note, we ate spicy food for the third day in a row and did a coupon trip to Target. We saved more than we spent! I LOVE when that happens! I stocked up on shampoos, lotions, bought some new eye liner, fun eye shadow, and beautiful nail polish. I'm still not a crazy couponer and I don't mind :) I even got to try some brand new products from higher end brands that I could never bring myself to buy. The coupons brought the price down to the Target brand price (or less!)

Retail Value: $48.40
Spent: $20.77
Saved: $27.63
Percentage Saved: 57%

This is hopefully our very last shopping trip sans a behbeh.

And I'm also totally cool with having a C-section. I was definitely having a hormonal moment when I was knitting that scarf. The scarf is complete and I'm now making a headband for Joanna.

Saturday, October 22, 2011


One scarf is complete :)

I started my next scarf and Jonathan [playfully] yelled at me for starting a new project. "Well now she won't come until that one is done"

Kitty isn't a huge fan of the new project either.

I'm having second thoughts on pursuing a C-section if she starts her labor before October 28th. If she wants to come out the old fashioned way, should I deny her? If I have an epidural and she really does have shoulder dystocia, they'll likely need to do a C-section anyway so my labor pains will have been in vain. If she's a normal sized baby and not gigantic like predicted, she'll come out fine. I keep going back to my family genes though - my Uncle was 8lb something and he wouldn't come out without getting his collarbone snapped by the doc. My grandmother that has my body shape had babies that were 10lbs and over. Although Jonathan and I are average sized folks, we come from families with big and tall statures. What if she really is 9 to 11lbs?

Okay, I must be getting ready for birth because the hormones are taking over again. They've been at bay for a vast majority of this pregnancy but they've been creeping up lately.

OH! And here is a short list I'm compiling of things to be thankful for this week:

  • Each day I don't give birth is another day without diapers.
  • I can finally wear my long sleeved maternity shirts and sweaters.
  • I'll still be able to have egg nog when it's available in stores in November.
  • I'm saving money because I can't go shopping.
  • The house is quiet.
  • The cat is adorable.
  • The nursery is untouched and lovely because there are no spit up or poop stains anywhere.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

C Section Prep

No nail polish.
No food after midnight before surgery.
No jewelry.

My three favorite things :(
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I'm putting the moan in hormones. Tears, pain, short temper, and more tears.

With this rush of hormones, maybe I'm almost done?
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October 28, 2011

October 28th will be Joanna's birthday.. or sooner!

We had our last doctors appointment today and it didn't go as I had hoped. Our C-section is scheduled for October 28th instead of the 23rd like we said we wanted. I expressed to her my discomforts and concerns and she wasn't worried about them at all. I think because I've been so calm and not complaining about anything, she thinks this is the first time I've experienced discomfort. Ha.

I'm still at 1cm, I'm in more pain than ever, and all I want to do is sleep comfortably. I haven't been able to sleep well in a month or so. I know this comes with the territory of being 40 weeks pregnant, but I think having a 10 pound baby and gaining 50 pounds in only my midsection is taking a toll on my overall attitude.  It hurts to stand up, it hurts to sit down, it hurts to sleep in one position for more than 45 minutes, and it hurts my pride to ask for help. Joanna has been more active today than she has been in several weeks - perhaps that's a sign? If she starts her exit before the 28th and I'm not too dilated by the time I get to the hospital, they can still do a C-section. If I get to the hospital and I'm beyond 6cm, they'll opt for a vaginal birth.

Besides meeting my beautiful daughter, I'm most looking forward to being myself again. I want to be a wife again. I want to be able to clean the house again. I want to be able to sleep in a bed instead of being confined to the couch.

So close. So so so so close.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Coupons and C-Sections

No baby yet, but that's okay.

I called the doctor to schedule the C-section and the schedule lady said that doc already had me down for Oct 28th.. o rly? I do NOT want to wait past the 23rd. When we meet with her on Wednesday, we're going to see if we can get something as close to the 23rd as possible. Or Joanna can start things on her own; who knows!

Tonight was likely my last trip to the grocery store before behbeh comes! We ran into two co-workers and a fellow prego from church. It was a fun little reunion :)

Aaaand we saved 35%!

Total before savings: $97
Total after savings: $62
Total money saved: $35

We only bought items we would need for the next week and a half. I love saving money without having to stockpile.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Mucus Plug

So NOW I have no mucus plug.  It was very obvious this time. You can google about it if you really want to know what it is (and what it can look like).

Labor comes next! Hours, days, or weeks - who knows!
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Friday, October 14, 2011

C-Sections, Epidurals, and Doulas! Oh My!

"It's my body. It's my choice."

I guess you could say I'm "pro-choice" in the arena of birthing plans? It's been drilled into my head for years and years that a drug-free birth is best for the baby. I've also heard several friends talk about how home births are the ultimate form of a happy, healthy birthing experience. I don't doubt that these are great options for mama and baby, but I don't think there's one option that fits all births.

I am a believer in Jesus Christ and am a product of His grace and His healing. I know He has equipped women to handle the pain and amazing process of pregnancy and birth. I also believe that God has equipped man with ingenuity, creativity, and the materials to make this Earth a better place. This includes medicine and medical advances.

I give mad props to women who have natural birthing experiences. On the same token, I don't want to be painted as an enemy for not wanting one. My mother had three natural births and my mother-in-law had four. My grandmothers both had natural births (they didn't have much of a choice). All of their childrens' birth weights range from 7lb to 10lb. I know it's possible for me to deliver Joanna naturally - but that doesn't mean I have to or even want to do it. I know its possible for me to walk across a bed of hot coals, but that doesn't mean I have to or want to do it. I'm not using my birthing experience to try to prove something to myself or anyone else. I'm not saying that mothers who choose natural births are martyrs or gluttons for punishment. I'm saying that it's okay for a woman to choose medical advances to help them give birth. Epidurals do not make bad or weak mothers. The "C" in C-section does not stand for "cop out".

On a related note, doulas are great if you want one. Not everyone wants one. It's okay if you don't want a doula; it doesn't make you a bad mother.

Thus ends my soap box.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

C-Sections and a Big Baby Face

Oh my word. Joanna is my clone.

Well, minus the whole "your baby already 9 pounds 15 ounces"
That's one ounce away from being 10 pounds. Holy crap. I'm literally carrying a bowling ball. And not one of those kiddie balls that you send down a ramp - this is a professional grade bowling ball.

(Ultrasound weight predictions are usually within one pound, plus or minus. So she could be between 9 and 11 pounds.. ahhhhh!)

Doc said to consider a C-section at this point because of risks like shoulder dystocia.  My uncle broke his collarbone when he was born because he was so large (and he was only 8lbs!). Doc was very calm and matter of fact when she was telling me about these risks and I was calm when hearing about them. But the more I think about it now, I can't imagine putting a baby through that kind of pain when they're already being traumatized by the birthing experience anyway.  

If we wanted to, we could schedule a C-section as early as the 17th (4 days from now!) It's so weird to think that we can control when her due date will be. Even though we could have her super soon, we're going to wait until at least her due date to make sure that everything is fully formed. After that, we may wait a bit longer to give her some extra baking time. 

I would love a vaginal birth, but I want what's best for her. I can handle the pain. I don't want her to be in pain. I can also wait until she decides she's ready then have a C-section in the hospital. At that point it would be whatever doctor is on call rather than scheduling it for when our doctor is available.  

It's a big decision for such a big baby! We'll keep you posted on what we decide. 

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Stretch Marks

I'm biting the bullet and posting photos of my stretch marks!

I think because I'm pale and great at baking buns, mine are light and all over my stomach. They started at my belly button then spread from there. I hate hate hate cocoa butter so I've been using Avon's Tiny Tillia lotion instead - it's awesome! I'm anticipating not keeping these marks. I also anticipate not wearing a bikini anytime soon, ha.

38.5 Weeks
Close-up at 38.5 Weeks

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

I like being pregnant.

As I near the end of my very first pregnancy, I can't help but think that I've really enjoyed the overall experience. Yea the nausea sucked and the inability to keep my usual pace, but I'm growing a human inside of me. That's incredible! Every bladder kick and lung punch reminds me of how beautiful of an experience this has been.

I know I'm almost ready to give it up, but not quite yet. I'm surprisingly not in a hurry to meet Joanna because I know that God's timing is perfect. He's been telling me His timing is perfect for many years and I can't believe I'm just now starting to accept it. Joanna will be born according to a schedule that I don't know about. I know she'll come out soon; that's all I know. And I'm okay with that. (wow.. the 2010 me didn't believe that the 2011 me just typed those words.. and meant it..)

I will enjoy being able to wear rings again. I'll enjoy being able to fit into a restaurant booth. I'll enjoy the ability to yard sale without getting winded. I'll enjoy eating sushi, cold cuts, and soft cheese with wine whenever I want. Most of all, I'm going to enjoy having a tiny combination of Jonathan and I to join us in our journeys. She'll be exactly what God wants her to be. Wow. I need to say that again: She'll be exactly what God wants her to be.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Gassy Lassie

Pregnancy is notorious for changing everything. One's bodily functions are no exception.

I'm fairly notorious for divulging information that others' would be too ashamed to share. My bodily functions are no exception.

I'm going to share a secret - women have gas. Want to know a bigger secret? Pregnant women have more gas. When one is with child, one's organs are pushed every which (out of the) way so baby can grow and take over. My mom told me its like inflating a balloon into a bag of rope. These shifting muscles, tubes, sacs, etc guarantee that the prego's movements will never be the same. Some women get heartburn, some get UTI's, others are miraculously relieved of pre existing issues like acne and depression.

In my pregnancy, I have seen an increase in burping and other gaseous emissions. I grew up with two older brothers so I can appreciate a decent belch. In my third trimester, I've had some mouth-quakes that would rival California. Late afternoon / early evening yields the best results for mouth-quakes. Jonathan is still pretty grossed out by the notion of his beautiful wife burping then belly laughing about it. Ha, it makes me smile just thinking about it! My other emissions have certainly been more frequent (and very different) than my pre-prego self. It's all still equally hilarious.

So to all you future pregos out there, don't worry about your shifting organs and additional emissions. It's perfectly natural (and really funny) in the right company.

(On a related note - in the final weeks of pregnancy, expect a LOT more gaseous emissions! It's the final countdown!)

Friday, October 7, 2011

Doctor Visit - 1 cm!

I saw the doc today and she checked my under carriage - I'm dilated 1 cm!! Although I'm dilated an itty bitty bit, my mucus is still nice and thick so she ain't going anywhere yet. She also told me that baby's head isn't fully engaged yet.. um.. you mean she can get LOWER? Yep. Her head is pointing down but its not fully locked and loaded yet. I'm still measuring large and in charge.

My blood pressure was a little higher than usual so they took it at the beginning and end of the appointment. I told the nurse I had a coke on my way here and she said "oh, that'll do it."

After my exam, I received the first flu shot of my life. According to doc, its best to get it now so the baby will get it, too rather than wait until after giving birth. Babies can't get a flu shot until they're 6 months or older. I love a good deal and this was a nice two for one deal.

Next week is our (final?) ultrasound so we can get a better idea of whether or not I'll need a C-section and when it would be.

(If you're male, stop reading now)

When she checked my cervix, it didn't hurt nearly as much as previous exams. After I got up and began putting my clothes back on, I noticed that I was bleeding down there. This definitely freaked me out and I made Jonathan go out in the hall and ask her back into the room so I could ask her if this was normal. "Oh yea, I forgot to tell you about that. Every time we check your cervix now, that will happen." Lovely!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Birth Plan

I've had several requests to post our Birth Plan. It's still a work in progress as I continue to hear advice and horror stories from others, but the basics remain the same:

Before and During Delivery

  • NO ONE is allowed in the delivery room except for doctors, nurses, and my baby's daddy. "Unless you're responsible for putting this baby inside of me or taking it out.."
  • I will be going drug free for as long as I can handle. I'm not afraid of drugs, nor am I afraid of pain. However, pain sucks. My goal is to get to at least 6 cm au natural. 
    • I want to take advantage of their exercise balls, hot tub, and any other method used to progress labor before taking an epidural.
  • I'm not entirely anti C-section. Doc is still mentioning it at every appointment so its a very real possibility.
  • As soon as Joanna Rose comes out, I want her placed on my chest so we can lay skin to skin while daddy cuts the chord. 
  • I don't want her wearing that hat that they give to every baby; we brought our own :)
After Delivery
  • No one in the room after Joanna is born until we give the green light. This includes family. I want our first moments to be just us three.
  • No non-family members for the first day.
  • If I have a C-section and have several days of recovery, I want at least 2 gossip magazines and fun nail polish. And Ben and Jerry's Cherry Garcia ice cream. 
    • Ben and Jerry's is currently on sale at Kroger for $2.50 a pint by the way...

False Alarm #1

37 Weeks
This post is descriptive.
If you're male, you probably should stop now.

This morning as I was busily typing on my work laptop and watching Regis and Kelly, I felt something. "Did my water just break?" I thought. "Noo.. no it couldn't b.. um.. wait did it?!" I did a sniff test and it definitely wasn't urine. I called Jonathan, called my doc, and made the earliest appointment possible for an hour and 45 minutes later. They said I could go to the hospital if I was sure, but I wasn't so I just waited for the appointment. I accomplished quite a bit of cleaning and packing and remained unnaturally calm at the possibility of going into labor within hours.

10:45 rolled around and one of the nurses took my urine sample, weight, and blood pressure. They escorted me to a cold room with Jonathan where I stripped and sat on a giant pee pad that one could use for a Saint Bernard. What seemed like twenty minutes later, a different doctor came in and did the usual tests on my belly. We heard Joanna Rose's beautiful heart beat and measured my belly. She didn't tell me how big I was so I asked. Her response?

"Well, you're definitely bigger than 40 weeks.."

Yep. Still big.

She started her "indepth" examination. The Q-tip was not fun let me tell you. As I squirmed, she tried to comfort me by saying "Yea, it's a yucky feeling". Uber yucky. After the tip exited, she then checked to see if I was dilated. While checking, she commented,

"You're the perfect patient."

.... what is that supposed to mean? I hope she was referring to my temperament.. I reeeeally hope she meant my temperament..

She let us know that her initial analysis is that it isn't amniotic fluid but rather a discharge. Mom says it was likely my mucus plug. (say what?) Yep, my mucus plug. Just typing it makes me want to wash my hands. Here's what the website says:

Throughout pregnancy, a mucus plug blocks the opening of the cervix to prevent bacteria from entering the uterus. Before labor, this mucus plug is expelled so that the cervix can open to allow the baby to pass through during labor and birth.

PrintThroughout pregnancy, a mucus plug blocks the opening of the cervix to prevent bacteria from entering the uterus. Before labor, this mucus plug is expelled so that the cervix can open to allow the baby to pass through during labor and birth.
Passing a mucus plug is a sign that your cervix is dilating and your body is starting to prepare for birth. Labor could be hours, days, or even weeks away as the cervix gradually opens over time.

To "celebrate" my non-broken water, we went to Wendy's for a spicy chicken sandwich and I returned home to finish my work day.

Mucus plug. Eww  

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Ode to a Pint

One of the tips I picked up from couponers is to contact your favorite companies and tell them how much you love their product. It's no secret that Ben and Jerry's have been the love(s) of my life in these past 9 months. So I told them:

Allow me to start by declaring my love for Cherry Garcia. I am now 9 months pregnant and Mr. Garcia has seen me through many hard times; everything from relieving first trimester nausea, cooling off in the summer second trimester, to just being the perfect balance of a sweet snack. I love this flavor so much that we incorporated my favorite pint into our maternity photo shoot:
Little Joanna Rose will learn the ways of her mother and father, especially when it comes to Chubby Hubby and Cherry Garcia. So thank you, Ben and Jerry. If I have twin boys in the future, I will surely name them after you.

Lets see what kind of coupons they send :)

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Wedding Time!

The Bridal Party Line-up
(See if you can find me.. haha)

3 Pregos! 
1st, 2nd, and 3rd Trimester

The gorgeous newly married couple