God's timing is still perfect.

According to the EPT, still not cookin' anything but we're still excited that God has perfect timing.

We signed up for disability insurance so I can take paid maternity leave instead of unpaid. It takes out around $5 a paycheck but equates to 6-8 weeks of pay, so it's a wonderful benefit that we wanted to take advantage of. There is a 2 week window to apply for this insurance each year. We applied, got approved, and are now just waiting to use the benefit :) It also covers other medical accidents, etc, that could prevent me from working.

On another note, I am officially 20 lbs more than I was on our wedding day 2 years ago. This depressing news was the kick in the pants I needed to get healthy again. I want to lose 10 lbs and stay at a healthy 145-150 range. Right now, I'm 159. Yikes. I just completed one of my pilates DVDs while Jon took a nap. It wasn't an easy DVD, but I feel like I just drank a cup of coffee!! I have so much energy now. It's also something I can continue through my pregnancy, with some modifications of course.

All in all, it's a blessing waiting on God. We may not fully realize it now, but we're excited to see how God's calendar unfolds.


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