Moving to D.C.

Remember when the broken water heater flooded our basement and we moved a week later?
Remember the crazy derecho? Remember how we moved a week later?
And remember that Superstorm Sandy last week? Guess what - we're moving again!

Jonathan got a job in Washington D.C. and we have ten days to move! Well, it's actually seven days now. We just arrived back home and I have one full week to completely pack, sell, and giveaway all of our possessions before we move it into a storage unit or into my parent's house. [We'll be living with them until I find a job, too.]

Have I mentioned how amazing my parents are? I guarantee they are superior to your parents.

Oh hey, and remember that time that Joanna learned to crawl during the week we moved? Guess who just learned how to walk - the week we are moving! (God has a sick sense of humor sometimes.) We were on our way to change her diaper and Jonathan put her on the ground and told her to walk to me. She stood still, flapped her arms, and took three steps toward me. It was amazing! We clapped and shouted and she clapped with us. I'm so thankful we had that special moment just between us. 

Needless to say, the posts will resume when I am nesting in our new tree. 


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