13 Months

Joanna is walking full speed and showing signs of climbing - hence the lack of posts.

She's also going through a growth spurt. I don't understand how a giant baby could need another growth spurt. It's insane. I think she was exposed to some kind of radioactive ooze that is turning her into a giant mutant baby, but maybe she's just German? She still sleeps 12 hours a night. She even slept 14 hours for a few days right before her growth spurt. Her feet also grew half a size to a 4.5.

Joanna's favorite foods are grapes, clementines, spaghetti, tortillas, beans, peas, cut up hot dogs, and squeezy packs of food that she can use to feed herself. She no longer adores apples and pears. Bananas are still a strong staple in her diet.

This is a typical daily intake for Joanna:

6oz of whole milk
whole banana

whatever Mommy is eating

full container of greek yogurt
cup of beans or peas (or both)
A squeeze pack and/or jar of baby food
cup of whole milk or water

whatever Grandma is eating

a kid plate full of spaghetti
slice of bread

6oz of whole milk

Now that Joanna is eating us out of house and home, we are even more thankful for cloth diapers! We calculated that we saved almost $900 in one year. I didn't stutter: Nine hundred dollars. Isn't that amazing? Most of Joanna's diapers are gender neutral so we're going to re-use all/many of the diapers on our next kid. That means we will likely save over $1,000 with cloth next time - awesome! Here is the running tally that you love so much:

Personal investment: $363
Savings: $1247
Return on investment: $884


  1. FYI- I think it's something like 80% of brain growth, development and memory-dedication happens during REM. The more sleep a child gets (and this goes all the way into adolescence, mind you) to more he/she grows/remembers. Eating isn't the only sign of a growth spurt.


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