Review and Giveaway: Nuby Pocket Bibs

"A bib? You're reviewing a bib?"

"Not just any bib - this bib has a POCKET!"

"Why would you want a pocket on the bib? It gets filled with crumbs and yogurt?"

Well, that's exactly why you want a pocket on the bib. The more things that fall into the pocket, the fewer things fall into your child's lap.

I was thrilled when Nuby sent me 2 pocket bibs to review! My toddler is fiercely independent (like her mother) and loves feeding herself. Thankfully, these bibs are big enough to cover the entire torso and shoulders. They're easy to clean with a damp cloth, have a clear pocket so you can see all of the food that is caught, and they pass the restaurant spaghetti test:

The worst part was trying to put into the diaper bag so we could clean it at home. It caught so much spaghetti that it was pretty gross! We wiped up as much as we could with a napkin before carefully folding it up and stuffing it into the to-go bag. When I checked later, the mess remained on the bib and didn't leak into the diaper bag. WIN!

After a good rinse, we used the same bib the next day (along with our Nuby bowl and plate.)

A baby can never have too many bibs - so why not win 2 Nuby Pocket Bibs for your home? Nuby is generously giving away a pack of 2 bibs to a lucky winner! Enter below for your chance to win:

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  1. Spaghetti, the noodles stick to my son's clothes and the red sauce leaves stains on his clothes. Yuck!

  2. Yogurt cause she gets it all over!

  3. My daughter's fruit pieces get everywhere so the pocket would be great!

  4. I hate cleaning up after anything sticky...'cause no matter how well you clean the kid, you always miss a spot!


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