Teething, you art a heartless guttersnipe.

Susie is a horrible drooling mess. She's 3.5 months old and can barely hold up her head, let alone put a teething toy in her mouth to soothe the pain. When she's at her screeching worst, she doesn't even want to nurse. All I can do is rock her and sing "Over (and over and over) the Rainbow." The moment I stop is the moment she starts screaming again.

I know Susie won't remember the pain, but I feel bad that Joanna is being so impacted by it all. Susie shrieks, I comfort her, and Joanna looks at me then picks up one of her dolls and tries to console it. She is having a hard time understanding why Susan is allowed to cry and complain but she can't. Joey has a great deal of empathy, too so she starts crying and seeking comfort. It's not in a "give me attention now!" kind of way - I can tell she is sincerely sad for her sister's pain.

So far we're addressing Susie's teeth with an amber teething necklace on her ankle (because she doesn't have the neck control to wear it as a necklace), orajel, and some pain reliever. I gave up caffeine for now (OY!) so she can hopefully get to sleep more easily.  She's too large and my torso is too small to baby wear her like an infant, and she's too young for me to wear her like a 9 month old (even though she's the size of one). Bigger is not always better.

She's crying again. Time to put my ruby slippers back on.


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