Show Me The Belly

It's time for photos of my belly.

I knew motherhood would leave me with some sort of medal, whether it be stretch marks, a pooch, or both. Never did I expect to look as if I were smuggling dinosaur eggs. I defied gravity with my basketball belly. My children tipped scales but didn't leave a stretch mark. But the lack of marks doesn't mean I escaped unscathed.

I have a severe "Mother's Apron". Basically, I have a large fold of skin dangling over my C-section incision. Rather than hide it from you lovely people, I wanted to show you what my motherhood scars look like. I have two beautiful kids. I'm in the best shape of my life. I can bench press an Olsen twin without breaking a sweat. My body doesn't look like how I feel about myself - but that's what clothes are for.

 Pregnant with Susan at 38 weeks


One Year Post-Joanna at 175lbs, relaxing versus sucking in.

Susie's birth day |  2 weeks postpartum with a belly band.


January 2014 at apx 185lbs |  May 2014 at apx 178lbs


5 months postpartum - relaxed versus sucking in


I recently cut out about 70% of my carbs, gave up soda, and eat way more fruit and vegetables - I've lost 5 pounds in 2 weeks! The biggest difference I saw was my bloating. The sag is saggier and I can zip into a size 12 now instead of a 14. My waist can still accommodate a size 8 while the sag requires more fabric. (If only hoop skirts were still in fashion!) For now, I will continue to strengthen my core, minimize the fat, and get my sag to its "skin-iest" so I can hopefully have it removed surgically. Spanx will only compress it so much without it restricting my breathing or ability to sit down.  At the end of the day, Flowy tops are my friend. Maternity pants are a necessity. Skin is just skin.


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