Six Months

Susie woosie. My little lamb. My smiley kumquat. My blubbering, drooling, ball of sunshine. Six months ago we met you. A few months ago I was exhausted from you. Now, I'm so thankful for time. Some moms wish that time would pass more slowly - I was the opposite for these six months!

Now that I'm more rested, I can finally fully enjoy you! It's not your fault that you wanted to be held and comforted constantly. You're a woman that knows what she wants and will do what it takes to get it. I admire that quality in women - but not in babies. You're now at an age where you interact and give smiles back. I live for those moments. Thank you for your infectious smile that cures any ailment.

SueLou can roll (in one direction), sit up for a few moments, and crawl with her arms (SO scary!). She has two teeth and a big voice in her 19 pound body.


And now for adorable pictures on our couch!



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