Heart Disease is the #1 Killer

Heart disease is the #1 killer of women.
Heart disease is also the #1 killer of my family members.

We have a running joke in my family that if you don't die in your 50's of a heart attack, you'll live to your 80's.  To our knowledge, no one in our family has had cancer of any kind. But a bad heart? Yup, got that.

Knowing this, my parents were meticulous about their health. They both ate well, my dad would take walks every day, my mom does Yoga and works out multiple times a week, and they always saw their doctor for regular check-ups. My dad died suddenly of a massive heart attack that killed him in a moment. His doctor was just as shocked as we were.

"So if a heart attack can kill me any time, why even bother taking care of my health?"

Good question, self.

My dad probably lived longer because he took care of himself. He still died too soon but he likely would have died sooner had he not eaten well and exercised.

So knowing that my dad, my dad's dad, my grandma's sister, my grandma's brother, my grandpa's brother, and my grandpa's dad all had fatal heart attacks, I know I need to get my health in check.

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