Saving Money - Changing From Verizon to Comcast

 We saved $54.37 a month by switching from Verizon to Comcast - that's $652.44 a year!

Transitioning from a consistent dual-income household to one consistent and one gig-based income has presented some challenges for us, but its allowed us to explore new opportunities to save money.

Quality internet is a necessity for us; I work from home 3 days a week and my husband does a majority of his work from his laptop. I also love television. I don't mind Netflix and other services, but I love live television.I didn't want to lose that if I didn't have to, so it was important to find a plan that had both High-Speed Internet and TV.

We've had Verizon for 6 years and haven't had any complaints. When our most recent contract expired, our bill jumped up $30/mo. I called for a discount and received $10 off of our monthly bill. Another month passed and I began comparing other plans and providers. Low and behold, I found a better deal through Comcast.

When I called Verizon and shared Comcast's better pricing, they wouldn't match it or give any additional discounts besides the $10 I received the month prior. Comcast not only had a lower monthly cost, but they also waived installation fees and made it easy for us to use our own modem. They also offered a $100 gift card on top of it all. So we now have Comcast!

xfinity fios comparison save money

 $139.47/mo - Verizon: TV Select HD and Fios Internet
Fios Internet 100/100 - $95.00
Fios TV Select HD - $44.99

2 TV Equipment Package – (-$19.98)

Fees and Other Charges - $9.50
Additional discount - $10.00 off

$85.10/mo - Comcast Xfinity: Standard Double Play
125+ Channels and 150 Mbps Internet for $59.99

TV Box + Remote - $2.68
Broadcast TV Fee - $10.00
Regional Sports Fee - $8.25

Professional Install – (-$79.99)


Differences between Fios and Xfinity for our family:
  • We now own our modem and router. The $100 gift card offset most of the cost so we only paid about $25 out of pocket for the remaining amount. Win!
  • TV package is Standard Definition versus the HD we had with Verizon. To overcome this, we use the Xfinity app on our Roku to view HD channels. 
  • Fewer channels but most are not missed. No more Nick Jr and Disney Jr, but we gained FX, TLC, and SyFy. Not having the kids' channels is helping us keep the TV off in the morning and limited in the evening - so its actually a win! 
  • No more live TV in our bedroom. It's now a Netflix and HBO only screen. 
  • We can record shows now! Verizon wanted to charge us an additional $10 for this ability so we never used it, but the Xfinity app on the Roku lets us record for free. Win! 
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