8 Months and 4 years

4 years ago, Jonathan and I got married. 16 months ago, we learned we were pregnant with the child we prayed for.  8 months ago, I gave birth to a giant baby via a peacefully planned C-section and an annoying recovery.

Today I'm counting my blessings and counting my hours of sleep as I prepare for a crawler and talker. She's so close to chaos. SO close.

Joanna is heavier and taller but I have no clue how much she weighs. She eats anything she can get to her mouth, especially buckles and straps. Her hand eye coordination is improving everyday. We give her food puffs each day and I can notice a difference every time - her little brain sponge is getting denser! I'm getting better about giving her solids each day. A bowl of cereal and a full fruit each day. Sometimes I'm really fancy and I'll mix them together and feed it to her twice. But that's only when I'm fancy.

Her words include Mama, MaMaMaaa, Mmmaaaaaa, meh, YaYa, Pffft, and she said Da Da one time. Jonathan was so proud!

She's a pro at this now.
Can you tell that daddy walked into the room?


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