Everyday I'm Blog-a-ling

Several people have asked if I get paid to write. My answer is usually something to the effect of "I get paid in sunshine and butterflies" or "no". When you do something you love, money isn't the priority. I'm very fortunate to have a strong writing resume. I've been featured in a variety of forms and outlets, from theater reviews in the Washington Post to performing original songs on the Washington D.C. affiliates of CBS, ABC, NBC, and FOX. I didn't receive a penny but I loved every minute of it. In my previous job, I was often asked to write (or make phone calls) to either relay disappointing information or to diffuse a conflict. Creative writing is a powerful asset in the professional world, even if it doesn't pay as its own entity.

This blog has been the perfect outlet for me to keep my writing chops, keep in touch with family and friends, and keep my sanity while staying home with a creature that doesn't speak English. In addition to maintaining Housebroken Mom, I also regularly contribute to other blogs and websites:

The Motherhood Collective
This group of women is the brain child (or the heart child) of two beautiful women in my area. Lauren and Laurie put their hearts, minds, and resources together and "birthed" one of the most influential parenting groups in Central Virginia. Every other Monday, mothers from all over come together for the Motherhood Cafe to learn about a particular topic, talk with other moms, and drink free coffee. Every non-Cafe Monday, mothers meet for a large playgroup. When it's not a Monday, moms are often online looking at the Motherhood Collective Blog and Resources to stay connected and informed about relevant topics. I love this group - and you will, too! Anyone can join, be informed, and connect with other mothers. You can read my blog posts here: http://www.themotherhoodcollective.org/author/laura/

Babies In The Burg
My sister-in-law Jen created this wonderful resource for local mothers to find doctors, events, and connections related to parenting. Lynchburg, VA is a conservative college town with thousands of young families. Babies In The Burg is the place where those families can converge and stay informed.

Nuby USA
Nuby is an international company with decades of experience making quality baby products. I was asked to be a Mommy Blogger a few months ago and have enjoyed it so much! I am "paid" in products for reviewing and hosting giveaways. Its truly a win win.

Some companies have also plugged one or two of my posts when I reviewed their products on my own. Onya Baby is my favorite carrier and when they promoted my review of them, I learned that they are also really nice people! Thanks to their generosity, we were able to donate an Onya Carrier to our local baby wearing lending library at an extremely discounted rate.

So even though I'm not paid with actual money, I am really enjoying the butterflies and rainbows that are accruing in my imaginary unicorn account.


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