Nuby Product Review: Tickle Toes Turtle

It's that time again - time to review another fun product from Nuby!

With Joanna quickly crawling and cruising, any captivating toy is welcome into her rotation. When we first introduced Mr. Turtle to her, Joanna was very confused. Most of her toys don't have batteries. Of the few that do, they don't make loud noises. (Her parents are meanie heads and don't like noisy and/or seizure inducing plastic toys). We put Mr. Turtle away for a few weeks to try again.

After my lasik surgery (update to come soon), I didn't want to hold her close to my face for fear she would grab at my glass-less face. I thought now would be the perfect time to bring Mr. Turtle back. I played with it in front of her to get her curiosity going. Then I pressed his foot - belly laughter erupted from the adorable turtle and Joanna laughed back! I handed him to her and she bounced it a few times before launching it across the room. She chased him down and kept playing - Eureka! A toy that occupies her!

This is the softest of her toys. It's round and squishy (like her) and has the cutest face I have ever seen on a plush animal. When Joanna is sleepy but too defiant to actually sleep, she cuddles up to Mr. Turtle instead. She hasn't been able to make him laugh on her own, but his adorable face still makes her smile.

And now for the reason you're likely reading about this awesome toy - a giveaway!

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Tickle Toes Turtle (and other Tickle Toes animals) are available to purchase here at BuyBabyDirect.


  1. Thanks for the review! This is a cute turtle :)

  2. That's good to know. I saw it the other day and thought it was cute but wasn't sure Miss E would agree but if Joanna likes it I'm sure she will too. ;o)

  3. I hate battery-operated toys, but they are definitely handy for when mama needs some "baby is distracted time"!

  4. This guy is so cute! I bet Emmie would love it :D

  5. Who's laugh is my favorite? Probably my daughter's when she does something she knows everyone thinks is cute!


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