16 Months of Words

We are very blessed to have a social and verbal toddler. Joanna's physical and mental development are ahead of schedule. Her verbal skills are amazing and hilarious. She makes us laugh everyday with all of the things she picks up. On a related note, we've cleaned up our language quite a bit.

Signing "more" to Grandma
Words (we can understand)
  • Hi (hai) - with a wave
  • Mom (mama)
  • Dad (dada)
  • Waffle (wwwaah!)
  • No (no) - can be accompanied with a nod or a shake of the head. 
  • No More (no mo) - with an "All Done" sign
  • Shoe (shoos)
  • Cat (cah)
  • Dog (guh)
  • Duck (duh)
  • Pretty (pih-ee)
  • Dumbledor (dubba-doh)
  • Book (booook)
  • Door (doo-ah
  • Toes (towss
  • Shh (shh) - with finger over mouth

Signing "help" to Mom to take off the mustache
(This isn't the actual ASL sign, but it's Joanna's version.)
Signs (usually in this order)
  • More
  • Please
  • Food
  • Thank You
  • All Done
  • Help

In addition to using words and signs, Joanna's eyes speak volumes. We can understand what she wants, needs, and what she's trying to get away with. We are so thankful we taught her sign language at an early age! It minimizes her frustrations and helps us better understand if she's hungry, hurt, or tired. I think it helped her with her verbal skills as well.

After working with children on the autism spectrum, I know how blessed we are to have a child that is able to communicate so clearly. After knowing families that lose their child(ren) to SIDS or other child-related illnesses, I know how blessed we are to have a healthy little girl. After knowing many women that have trouble conceiving and women that have difficulties keeping their pregnancies, I know how blessed we are to have a child.

There's no other word for it; we're just blessed.


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