Nail Polish

All women want to feel beautiful. Some women want to feel smart, some women want to feel sexy, but all women want to feel beautiful.

With tight finances and limited time, my concept of beauty became less about appearance and more about confidence and contentment. Minimal makeup, low maintenance hair, and a wardrobe from Goodwill.

But then there's nail polish. I'm a little obsessed. When Joanna goes to sleep at night, I get my black shoebox full of polish and start digging. I either add french tips to existing polish, clean up a chipped nail, do a design on my statement nail, or start fresh with a new color. It's inexpensive, easy to store, and a great creative outlet.

My stash in December 2012
It's grown by about 10 bottles since this point.

i heart you

For my birthday / Valentine's Day gift, Jonathan bought me nail art brushes! My days of simple french tips are over - now I can do sweet things like swirls, flowers, and complicated designs! Be sure to follow me on instagram at @housebrokenmom for photos. 

I may need a better camera phone for my next birthday.. 


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