Hard day

Today was hard. Its Christmas eve and all I see are pregnant women and baby Jesus.

We're seeing Jon's side of the family today, which means 14 people in one house. We don't have our own room since we are doing half time here and half time with my parents. I'm sick, I want to be alone, and all we have is a pull-out bed that is currently being used as a couch. My mom-in-law was very kind and let me crash in her room and watch TV. I cried a bit out of frustration in general for not having a space to uncoil, cried a bit for seeing pregos everywhere, cried a bit for not being prego, dried my eyes, wiped my nose, then cried a bit more when I couldn't get the TV to work. It felt good to cry.

(Addendum: My other co-worker had her baby today! Little Lily shares her birthday with Jesus.)

On another note, I ovulate four days off of what the app on my phone tells me. This means we have been off the whole time. Sheesh!

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