Product Review: Nuby Icybite Keys

This is a review I created when Joanna was 9 months old. 
My how time flies! 

Joanna's nine month old mouth now has eight teeth. Rather than have a missing finger, I gave her a Nuby teething toy a few months ago that can go into the freezer for added numbing power. It's perfect!

This teething toy has 3 keys attached to a key ring that can link to other things. The keys have a gel that freezes like an ice pack so its perfect while her teeth are celebrating their arrival.  I've attached them to my baby carriers, stroller, car seat, or restaurant high chair. I can also wash them whenever I wash her bottles so they stay clean.

Joanna has discovered that she can make noise by shaking and hitting things. These keys don't disappoint. As you can tell from the first photo, she enjoys shaking the keys almost as much as biting them.

I personally like that it has bright colors that are gender neutral. I'm a huge fan of primary colors when it comes to kid items - pastels belong in a museum. A child's world is bright and full of new things - their toys should be bright and interesting, too!


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