Ten Months

Doughy Joey is 10 months old! 

I just realized a few weeks ago that I should start planning her one year birthday party. Because it will be so close to Halloween, I would love to do a costume party of some sort. She'll probably get tired of Halloween themed birthday parties, but she can't complain yet. My favorite idea so far is that we'll be a Little Shop family - Jonathan as Seymour, myself as Audrey, and Joanna as Audrey II. She already growls and tries to eat people.

At 10 months, Joanna babbles, sings, hums, screams, spits, complains (mamamama), wines (bwabwabwabwa), and laughs maniacally. She loves being around people and especially loves participating in conversations. She's good at answering questions and laughing at jokes. We're still working on her actual vocabulary, but whatever.  She is extremely close to walking. I fear that her next monthly update will be delayed because I'll be chasing her around the house.

Squishy McDoughnut eats solids at every other feeding. I'm making most of it but I love being lazy and just opening a container of whatever I have in the cupboard. I was thinking about doing baby led weaning but by the time I got my act together, she was already eating baby snacks and feeding herself fruit pieces. I guess she led herself anyway?

Also, instead of sleeping 12 hours each night and not napping, she now takes 2 naps and sleeps for 8 hours each night. Yay!

Big thanks to Jonathan for helping me wrangle her while on a rocking chair. Perhaps we should have staged the monthly photos on a stationary surface...?


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