I feel like a failure today. Crushed and defeated. Devastated.

I'm on the worship team at my church and our teams rotate so we sing about once a month. Murphy's Law naturally states that this would be my Sunday to sing after having one of the most emotional weeks of my life. It was tough to be an example of how to praise God through the storm because I'm not very good at it. We learned a new song that was especially encouraging/humbling/crushing/encouraging:

("Lift High" Steve Fee)

Broken people call His name
Helpless children praise the King
Nothing brings Him greater fame
When broken people call His name

God continually reminded me that it's about Him, not about me. He loves me unconditionally and wants me to have a full life, but it's still all about Him and always has been about Him. Always. I can fail, but that's the choice I make. Jesus never fails (and is also the name of another great song).

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