I am incredibly punctual in terms of my menstrual cycles. TMI? Well tough! I'm excited to report that I am 5 days late!! I have also noticed a change in my moods - I am more chipper and playful than usual and on the other hand, I tend to snap at things faster. I am sleeping better than ever before as well, which is a very noticable change for me.

So far, all of the home pregnancy tests are negative. We've taken about 7 so far on this cycle (which is close to $35!! yowsa!) I've likely taken about 30 pregnancy tests this year, all are negative. I made a doctor's appointment on Thursday at 3:15 to take a blood pregnancy test, which are much more accurate. If its negative, we'll be able to talk about options for getting pregnant. If its positive, then awesome!

Ahh.. this pink elephant is HUGE!!


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