Nuby Review and Giveaway: Oral Massager and Toothbrush

Joanna's first tooth emerged from her head at around 4.5 months. We were using an amber teething necklace and it helped a great deal with her symptoms. When it came to actually brushing her teeth, we didn't really start until she had 4 teeth as a 6 month old. Now that she has 8 teeth, I brush her teeth at least once a day (but strive for twice.)

Joanna LOVES having her teeth brushed! I mime brushing my own teeth with the Nuby toothbrush, she laughs, I brush her top teeth, she laughs, I mime brushing my teeth, she laughs, I brush her bottom teeth, she laughs, I brush her tongue, she bites me, I scream, she laughs, and we all go about our day. I wanted to get a photo of her giggles but it requires an additional arm. 

The Nuby oral massager and tooth brush has what I wanted in our original toothbrush - a case. I can throw it into our diaper bag and keep it clean. I can put it into our medicine box and it stays sanitary. I can always find it because it stays in the case. The toothbrush and oral massager fit easily onto our index fingers and is a simple design. It's easy to use, effective, and convenient. We don't use the oral massager but I know of many parents that do. Its ideal for teething babes and soothes their sore gums. 

And you can have one, too! Enter this giveaway to win your very own Nuby Oral Massager and Toothbrush (with carrying case!). 


  1. This set makes a great Christmas or Baby Shower gift, too!

  2. My daughter is just about to teeth - totally need this


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