One Year

One year ago today, our beautiful baby girl joined the world. 
Joanna Rose is so full of smiles. We smile and laugh with her every day. 
We couldn't have asked for a better baby - she is a perfect fit to our family. 

A Family Portrait 
(Forgive my I Love Lucy costume. My forethought forgot
that we were taking a family portrait sans costume.)

Her birthday cake was love at first bite.

A bushel of babies in the backyard for my baby's birthday!

Look at all of the people that love our little girl. We are so blessed.

In lieu of decorations, we printed photos of her that we will soon put into actual 
non-digital albums that people can hold in their hands. 

Her 1 year visit to the doctor is this week so we'll end out the stats soon. For now, I'm guestimating she's (at least) 25 pounds. She is crawling faster than ever but not walking. Yet. We are enjoying these final moments of having a child that doesn't walk (or run).

Her stats are still in the 98th percentile! She is 25lbs 1oz, 30+ inches tall, and her head is 18 1/3 inches around. Doc said they'll be able to predict her height when she's around 2 years old. I'm not in a hurry to find out how quickly she'll tower over me.


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