Punkin' Pickin'

Our little family had its first Fall family outing double date! Our dear friends live 2 hours away from us so we planned our funtivities around Jeter Farm as a halfway point.

After delicious Mexican food in Roanoke, we parked in a dusty cornfield and paraded our children toward the giant orange orbs of fun. The place was crawling with kids, strollers, and a few dogs. We quickly learned that the actual hay ride to the actual pumpkin patch was actually $7 per person - yea. We skipped the hayride and posed our children by a pile of pumpkins so we could get the same effect. 

After the farm, we journeyed to a Wine Festival. Contrary to popular belief, two small children under the age of one pose an imminent threat to the enjoyment of winos. We were turned away at the door without a refund of our $60 tickets. After Jeff scalped our tickets to other attendees, we spent our money at a pub. 

I couldn't think of a better way to celebrate Fall. Good friends, good food, and cute kids.

The day before the farm, Joanna went to her first half-time show! 


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