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VlogBrothers are two of my favorite YouTubers - they are nerdtastically awesome! This video in particular summarizes our feelings toward baby names. Jonathan and I want something that's known, uncommon, and hard to misspell. I also wanted to pick names that could have fun nicknames. My name (Laura) never had any fun nicknames growing up, I acquired them later from children with speech impediments (i.e. Wowa, Lo, Lola, etc).

So far, our front runners are Joanna and Benjamin. Easy to spell, easy to pronounce, they go well with our last name, and they get fun nicknames!

Joanna - "God is gracious" This name is music to my ears. Even before Steven Sondheim wrote "Johanna" for the musical Sweeney Todd, I've always thought it to be a beautiful name.  It's also the name of the goanna (reptile) on Rescuers Down Under and a genus within the butterfly species!

Benjamin - "Son of my right hand" Benjamin is the son of Jacob in the Bible. I've also never met a jerk named Ben, they've all been great guys. (ha, been great guys..) I'm also a big fan of the nickname possibilities with the name Benjamin (Ben, Benny, Benji, etc).

For now, baby answers to JoJoBean or JuJuBee.

These are the top ten baby names for 2010 and thus names we are not choosing:
Girls: Sophia, Isabella, Olivia, Emma, Chloe, Ava, Lily, Madison, Addison, and Abigail.
Boys: Aiden, Jacob, Jackson, Ethan, Jayden, Noah, Logan, Caden, Lucas, and Liam.


  1. I still contend that Sweeney should be in the running. :P

    Or you could just name it "Lola" so you can sing the opening lines of Copacabana anytime. :) <3

    I agree with you on the not knowing any jerks named Ben. Unusual and profound. :) I also happen to know one Johanna and I love her a lot. So both names are good for Tiamanda, in spite of tossing the idea of Sweeney.

  2. Sorry, Sweeney Mills sounds like a mall. :)


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