No Pastels Please

I know I'm having a baby, but I believe the word baby does not automatically mean pastel colors.
I have always preferred bright, jewel tone colors. Instead of perriwinkle and lavendar, I want blue and purple! Instead of baby poop yellowish brown, just give me brown!

It's okay, baby. I don't like pastels either.
I also think it's better for the child to be surrounded by beautiful, bright colors. I'm not a member of WINC (obscure movie reference - gold star to anyone who knows it!), but I do believe that certain colors can evoke positive or negative emotions. Pastels make me sleepy and yuppie. Bright colors give me energy and good vibrations! If someone gets me pastels, I won't get all hissy about it though. I'm thankful for all of the things God provides. I'm just voicing that I love bright colors.
 For the nursery, the main color scheme will be primary colors and then depending on the sex, we'll add splashes of purple or green to the mix. (I don't mind pink, but purple has always been my girlie go-to.) We already have some brightly colored accessories and art pieces that don't clash with our light wood furniture.


  1. hurries to the store to look for a crap-load of pastel stuff. :)


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