Today's Appointment

I have an appointment today! Here are some questions I have prepared:

  1. I'm flying out tomorrow- should I take anything before I fly?
    1. Nope, Zofran oughta do it.
  2. Should I stop sleeping on my back?
    1. There's no major cause for concern if I wake up on my back, but I'll begin to find it more comfortable as I progress. 
  3. My nausea is still as strong as ever, but the pills are working. Are there certain foods to avoid that would help it subside naturally?
    1. Spicy food and acidic foods like tomato sauce.
  4. Can I see if this kid is a dude or a chic today or will I have to wait?
    1. Our sex ultrasound will be on June 20th - the day after Father's Day!
  5. Are there things I can do now to make breastfeeding easier?
    1. Sign up for a class now!
  6. Are there things I can do now to make delivery easier?
    1. Sign up for a class now!
  7. Should I be taking anything else besides prenatals?
    1. Nope. Prenatals have the combination I need. She spoke against taking additional supplements because too much of certain vitamins and minerals can do more harm than good.
  8. I live in an older house with plaster walls and hardwood floors - are there hazzards I should be aware of with homes that are almost 100 years old?
    1. As long as I'm not stripping lead paint, I'm fine.
  9. When should I stop wearing high heels?
    1. When it starts to hurt.
  10. Where can I find a good pair of maternity nylon stockings?
    1. Lynchburg has a very small selection - she recommended ordering online (to which I responded, "this dress is from eBay so that won't be a problem."
  11. We just bought an Xbox Kinect - should I not be jumping around or is it okay if I'm already used to it?
    1. If it hurts, don't do it.

So there ya have it! :)


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