Cloth Diapers: Week Twenty-five

Love love love these diapers.

No major news on the diaper front. Baking soda continues to work wonderfully for the smell, her solid foods produce solid gifts that easily fall into the toilet without a diaper sprayer, and still no blowouts!

We recently purchased two new covers for our stash for a total of $28. They are Smush Tush Diapers, a business of a stay at home mom in Washington. Yay for saving money AND supporting a mommy business! I was able to pick out the fabric and I chose a Muppets and a Kermit print. I wanted to keep them gender neutral so we can use them for multiple kiddos.

I continue to ask other moms how often they change their little ones and I'm still shocked at the wide range! I've heard from 7 a day to upwards of 15. We are also saving time because aren't replacing the sheets every night or changing her outfit more than once a day. (It also means we aren't buying more items to replace stained clothes or sheets.) Come to think of it, we could even be doing the same amount of laundry as some using disposables! (What a strange thought?) With that said, I'm adding $100 ($20 x 5 weeks) to our savings and adding $28 to our investment.

Total Personal Investment: $218
Savings To Date: $454
Return On Investment: + $236


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