Ode to Enamel

Humor is the best remedy:

[to the tune of O Christmas Tree]

O teething child my teething child,
Thy whines are o so piercing.
O teething child, my teething child,
I may resort to drinking.

Not only when I'm wide awake,
But also when 'tis very late.
O teething child, my teething child,
I only sleep when blinking.

Oh drooling babe, my drooling babe,
Your spit fount overfloweth.
Oh whiny creature from my womb,
Perhaps you need a drink, too.

[to the tune of Barbara Manatee]

Oh teething child of mine! (child of mine! child of mine!)
Annoying is your whine! (is your whine, whine whine whine!)
As teeth form up above (enamel from Heaven!)
You're still the one I love! (WAH WAH WAH WAH!)

Oh teething babe of Jon! (babe of Jon! babe of Jon!)
I hope you like this song! (sing a song, singalong)
Your cheeks are turning red (turning red and rosy)
So please now go to bed (bed bed bed bed!)

(Thanks for helping me write one of the verses, Jon!)

And now a video of her usual jibber jabber:


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