$upporting Moms

Whether it's a friend or a bra, women like to be supported. I think it's important to support other moms' businesses.  Many times it's also cheaper than buying the same product at a boutique! I wanted to take a moment and brag about some of my favorite mommies that make things :)

Smush Tush Diapers was created by a Portland mommy that loves to cloth diaper! She custom made me two OS (one size) pocket diapers in a Kermit and Muppet print.   For $28, I had two beautifully made Muppet cloth diapers that easily would have been $50 in a CD store. She even made them a bit larger because Joanna has more growing to do.

My [barely used] nursing cover was made by a mommy in my office. I purchased the fabric so she only charged me $5 for her to sew it and create an adorable cover.

Most of Joanna's bows are from Dalma Pearl Designs, which was created by a friend of mine that knits. She loves personalizing things and I love what she makes!

I just ordered new sandals for Joanna from Tater Tots. I was able to pick the fabric and she even made a matching headband. She also makes incredibly cute bow ties, diaper wipe covers, and many other super cute accessories.

My mom has made Joanna about a dozen different things with her knitting needles: 2 wrap sweaters, a skirt, 5 hats, 2 blankets, and 3 headbands. That woman is incredible. I hope to one day be as crafty and generous as her.

If I purchased these products from a store, I would have spent over $100. Instead, I spent around $40 and it went directly to the moms without the middle [wo]man.

I was tempted to compare the support of a community to the support of a bra, that the most weight isn't carried on the straps but rather 80% of the weight is in the band that goes all the way around. But then Joanna started crying so I'll just say this: Support is great. 


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