More tooth(es)!

Joanna now has two teeth poking out and I know she has at least two on the cusp of bi-cusping.

Wow. What a horrible pun.

Our beautifully calm and smiley girl has turned into an actual infant - she cries, howls, whines, and can be inconsolable the day before she cuts a tooth.

After hanging out with both sets of grandparents, Aunt Amy, and Uncle Chad, Joanna saved her fussiness for her mommy and daddy a few hours before our 3 hour drive home. How thoughtful of her!

I'm telling you: Orajel is my hero. That topical gel and the vibrations of the car were able to let her sleep through her pain and helped her body temperature get back to normal. I didn't have the chance to take her temperature to validate my suspicion of a fever, but my spidey sense was tingling so I must be right.  I still firmly believe that the amber teething necklace was a solid buy. When coupling the necklace with Orajel Naturals, it seems to do the trick without resorting to Tylenol.

Joanna found her own remedy: her lips. My baby girl is an old man.

Her appetite seems to have increased. Perhaps another 'spurt to go with her growing enamel? I swear as soon as I get used to her size, she changes. I think that's because she's a child and children grow. Who knew?

These photos are from Grandma's house! Grandma really enjoyed feeding her banana oatmeal. She first looked at the batch I made for Joanna and said I made too much. It was gone in under 5 minutes (except from the remnants on her old man face.) 


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