Baby Farts

Since increasing JoJo's feeding frequencies and quantities, her little body is taking it all in and pushing it all out! I'm well experienced in the world of flatulence: not only was I pregnant all year, I'm the younger sister to two big brothers. Despite my smelly resume, I'm still learning a few new things about butt rumbles:

  • Newborns can fart just as loud as grown ups. 
  • Their farts don't smell bad (yay milk and formula!)
  • They come in many varieties: legato, staccato, mezzo forte, etc.
  • Newborns will warn you of their farts by either crying or giving a "fart face".
  • Their farts will wake them up, then wear them out again so they fall right back to sleep.

(Grand)mom says that little girls don't fart; they toot.
I don't think you could qualify these rumbles as toots. 


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