Poo Tracking

As a part of my increased nursing, my consultant wanted me to keep track of how many and what kind of changes we're doing each day. We've gone from 5-6 diapers a day to 8-9 diapers a day! It's a wonderful thing that she's gaining weight and it's been a learning experience to say the least.

I know babies poop but I had no idea how much poop could come out of such a small body. She used to poo every other day and now she's up to two poos a day. Two very full, stinky diapers a day are completely dedicated to poop. Thankfully she spaces them out so I get to change one and daddy gets to change one. She's an equal opportunity stinker. She's also considerate enough to give us some variety so we don't know what to expect. Color, consistency, you name it.

A word to the wise: When changing a diaper, be aware that girls and guys are different. When boys pee, it takes a few moments for their stream to cease. When girls pee, it all spills out in seconds. When you see a baby girl pee, it's too late to prepare. Just suck it up and clean up the aftermath. When I dealt with one of her stink bombs today, I lifted her feet to clean her bum and lower back when I saw a trickle of a mini waterfall come down. I thankfully had a diaper beneath her bum, but because I had her lifted, I was supplying the perfect angle for her urine to travel up her back and all the way to her neck. I was so careful not to get poo on her white shirt that it became the perfect place for her pee! Ah well. She has plenty of adorable outfits.

I'm so thankful for cloth diapers. We've had to increase our changes each day because of this growth spurt. I'm sure we've saved at least $15 this week rather than the usual $12.


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