Traveling with a Sack of Sugar

It's been almost a week since my last post? Weird..

Because it's Christmas, we are traveling all the way up Virginia and on to Pennsylvania. With a not quite 2 month old, it takes preparation, patience, and pit stops. Our car could barely fit all of her stuff and our cat's. (We decided to bring our already attention starved cat since we'll be gone for over a week - we can also test out our ADT motion detectors). With a baby, we had her clothes, diapers, stroller, and bed/rocker. Adelaide required her litter box and food. This will be the lightest load we will ever have with Joanna because we're not packing toys or extra items like a bumbo, high chair, etc. Even though it was light, it was very tight.

We decided to use cloth diapers this week with a few days in disposables when we were away from my parent's house. After a day at the in-laws with disposables, we have now grown to loathe those paper creations. We ended up changing Joanna about 10 times when we would have normally changed her 6-7. My savings calculations may be completely off based on these findings. It was further confirmation that we made an excellent choice in using cloth.

To prepare for our journey, I timed it so she would be in her last diaper while the other diapers dried. This way we wouldn't have to drive with a stinky/er diaper for 3 hours. We brought the diaper pail and kept the clean diapers and pail liners in it as we traveled. We got to my parent's house, set up our diaper station, and it was just like home! (We used a plastic grocery bag for the used wipes instead of bringing our tiny trash can.) My mom is generously letting us wash the diapers every other day in their HE washer and dryer.

By the way, Joanna did so well in the car! She only started screaming after 3 hours because she finally realized her stomach and bladder were empty. After we fixed both empty vessels, she was a happy camper again. This kid is amazing - I really hope we get another one just like her. That'd be so nice.

I'm looking forward to when she can hold her giant head up. ("It's like an orange on a toothpick!") It's adorable to have her wobbly noggin come crashing into our chins, but it'll be even greater when she can look around at things on purpose instead of convenience.

Motherhood calls - later.


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