4 months

My squishy is 4 months old today!

Joanna refuses to slow in her growth - she remains in the 98th percentile. 17lb 7oz, 24 3/4 inches, and 17in head circumference. I created a monster. of cuteness.

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If Joanna didn't have arms, she would roll like a champ. The doc recommended that I tuck her arm under and roll her over and make it into a game until she gets the hang of it. Her upper body strength is great and her neck will soon fully catch up to her giant 98th percentile head.

This picture cracks me up
I asked the doctor if I should be concerned about her weight to heigh ratio and he said that we have nothing to worry about. If doc says its okay, I'm going to keep feeding my baby.  Speaking of feeding, he said we can start solids! First is rice cereal with 2oz of formula for breakfast and dinner. He said we should introduce something by itself for 5 days then introduce the next item. By spacing them out, we'll be able to tell if she has an allergy. With no kitchen table or high chair, it should be a fun experience. Thank God for her Bumbo tray. Stay tuned for the messy details to come!

I told the doctor that every once in a while, she'll shriek like she's in pain while she's sleeping. When I go in and comfort her, it's like she's still asleep while screaming.  I would wake her up enough to help her stop screaming then she'd be fine and go back to sleep. I thought she may be teething since she's also very spitty and orally fixated. Doc thinks that they may be night terrors. (My brother had them as a toddler.) He said that we shouldn't wake her if she seems to still be asleep. Night terrors can sometimes be a precursor to sleep walking. Fun, huh?

Much to her dissatisfaction, she had her first experience with a rectal thermometer. She also received her second round of shots. Her pain turned into anger as I put her pants back on and put her in the carrier. R2D2 came to the rescue as she whimpered herself to sleep.

All in all, my 98th percentile baby is happy, healthy, and ready for more!


  1. Teddy occasionally has night terrors...I think maybe 3 times total between the age of 3-4 years. Pretty scary. He acts awake but he's not, and all he can do is scream and cry the entire time and is pretty much inconsolable. The next morning, he has zero recollection of it.

  2. My mom said my brother had it whenever he had to go to the bathroom but wasn't awake enough to go. They would have to walk him to the bathroom and help him while he was asleep. I'm not sure how we can help Joanna besides just ignoring her at this point.


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