First Noms

Since doc said we could start solids, I bought rice cereal and dusted off the Baby Bullet box! I was so excited to start making baby food!  Well, kind of. I didn't need the baby bullet at all for the rice cereal, but I used one of the little cups because I they're cute and I wanted to feel like I made something.

The box said 1 tbsp to every 4 tbsp of formula; it was very watery (or formula-y?). I gave her a few spoonfuls that likely equated to one spoonful when you subtract what dribbled from her chin and onto her bib. I figured she gave it the old college try and I put the rest into her bottle so she could drink it (it was that watery). I had great fun and Joanna was pretty freaked out by the whole experience.

Here's a brief storyboard:

 Ready for breakfast           "Bring it on, Mama!"

    Wait, why do I need a bib?     WHAT THE CRAP IS THIS?!?!

I'm going to do a 1 : 2 tbsp ratio tonight.

To be continued..


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