Bath Time

Joanna is officially the cutest baby in the universe. I knew she held the title in this world, but it now spans multiple worlds. Officially.

Joanna and her entourage visited Grandma and Grandpa this past weekend. Among the many things we wanted to do, Grandma wanted to give Joanna a bath. They bought a bathtub and had all of the necessary supplies. We tested the water temperature, added the soap and a dash of oil for her dry skin, and rolled up our sleeves. The biggest difference between our tub and the one my parents had was that Joanna LOVED their tub so much more -  I've never heard JoJo laugh so much! She loved the water and loved having her chest and tummy scrubbed - who knew? In our tub, she usually just lays there stunned. She surprised me with her attentiveness and enthusiasm on this go 'round.

Of course we needed photographic evidence of the cuteness:

I love having a professional photographer in the family :) Thanks, ma!


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