Seven Slings Product Review

You know that "FREE BABY SLING!" promo you receive in your mailbox? or hospital samples pack? or email? I tried it and I wasn't disappointed.

First of all, the "free" sling isn't free. Because of this I recommend getting a gift set instead of just the sling because the discount code marks down the entire purchase. My "Autumn Blaze" size 5 gift set is listed as $72.00 and marked down to $44.00. The code "SEVEN" takes off the $44.00. A mysterious $5.00 charge sticks around plus $11.95 shipping. So my "free" $72.00 sling gift set was actually $17.00, which still isn't bad considering most baby wearing options are in the $50 range. 

A week after ordering I saw a shipping bag shoved into my mailbox. It certainly wasn't $12 worth of envelope, but it kept the goods intact. I opened it and didn't experience the chemical smell that some have complained about. It did smell like plastic but it didn't smell like China. I love the leg warmers and the bracelet is really cute.

After a good pre-wash in warm water and a hang dry, the fabric stayed the same size and the smell was gone. I slid my nearly 17 pound 15 week old into it and started making faces at her in the mirror - she started laughing! That was a great sign that she was comfortable. I love how easy it is to get her in and out of it. It also folds up very nicely into my diaper bag. It's not adjustable so I don't think I'll be able to fit my giant baby into the sling when she's 35lbs, but I'm going to enjoy it as long as I can.

My 17lb baby and me using a size 5 sling from Seven Sling
Wearing a 20lb 5 month old
The holds that the models use on the website are for skinny moms with small babies - they won't necessarily work if you're an average size woman (or man.) When I use it, I don't fold down the portion that fits over my shoulder and arm; folding it made it too tight to slip her into the sling. I recommend getting a size or two larger than the size chart because it doesn't account for chests or post-pardom bellies. I have a petite size 8 frame but a large chest, so my size 5 works very well. 

All in all, my $17.00 sling is pretty, convenient, and inexpensive; I'm pleased with this purchase. If you want to order one, go to and use the code SEVEN at checkout. The same company also sells modesty covers ( and they have the same "FREE" situation where you're really paying $17. If you need a nursing cover, get the gift set. I bought one for an upcoming baby shower and I was still impressed with what I received.


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