Cloth Diapers: Week Fourteen

Updated stash: 27 diapers!
It's official - Joanna is now on the tallest adjustment of her bumGenius. Because I really didn't want to wrap her in a plastic bag until she was old enough to poo on the throne, I journeyed to Abby's Lane for advice.

The solution? Happy Heinys! We are now proud owners of 4 new Happy Heinys and 1 Tiny Tush diaper. These brands have more adjustment options for larger babies. Thank you, God. We have at least a few more months left in the bumGenius before she completely outgrows them. She could plateau in her growth soon - how awesome would that be?

Abby's Lane was having a clearance of the old Happy Heinys patterns so we stocked up on solid colors for $15 each. Grandma was awesome and bought 3 of them (thanks Grandma!). The 3 solids in the photo are Happy Heinys and the adorable robot pattern is Tiny Tush. Not pictured is a pretty periwinkle color that our poop machine is currently "utilizing".

bumGenius AIO Pocket
A happy heiny in Happy Heinys

By the way, I'm still a huge fan of bumGenius. I don't want to discourage people from the brand just because my infant is the size of a toddler. We've been very pleased with the absorbency and overall quality of BG. I was sad to have to switch to another brand but I'm glad that we can potentially pass on some BG love to other new moms that are CDing their offspring.

Even though we had to buy more diapers, we are still adding $6 to our savings from not using disposables:
$18 x 2 weeks = $36 saved - $30 on new diapers = $6

Total Personal Investment: $190
Savings To Date: $234
Return On Investment: + $44

If you want a great visual on the savings from cloth diapers (financial, environmental, etc), check this out:


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