Bumbo and Chew Toys

My little wiggle worm doesn't
like sitting still when she smiles..
The Bumbo may be one of the greatest inventions ever. (next to the Fisher Price Rocker and vibrating bouncy seats.) Our JoJo Bean is [sort of] able to sit up thanks to this neat little seat.  It's also fun to try and squeeze her giant cloth diapered bum into this plastic contraption. When she's double stuffed and in her PJs, its a snug fit. Most babies won't have that problem as a 4 month old. Our miracle grow baby is exceptional, what can I say?  I bought it from a kids re-sale shop for $12 with a detachable tray. We plan to also use it as her "high chair" when she begins solids because our tiny house doesn't justify having a high chair. We don't even have a kitchen table. 

Miracle Grow JoJo is also close to teething, based on her stringy drool and constant need to put things into her mouth. We gave her a "chew toy" and she immediately grasped it and shoved it into her face. She eventually got some of it into her mouth as the drool poured down her shirt. Man she's cute. That red thingy in the photo is a Discovery Toy from Grandma Mills. It's supposed to be an indestructible chew toy with multiple textures and grippy things (I speak so good).

Joanna is the thankful recipient of many nifty Discovery Toys - thanks Gma! We tried a few on her tonight but she is still far more entertained by people than inanimate objects. Unless it's edible. Or at least chewable. 


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