7 weeks

Button is officially the size of a blueberry!

I'm glad it's looking more human every week. Button looked really creepy in the baby book my mom got us.

Pre baby weight - 162
Week 5 - 163
Week 6 - 161
Week 7 - 162

This past week was the most nauseating, but who knows what the future holds! I have not felt discouraged through this tummy ickiness- I am way too thankful to not enjoy every moment of this. It's strange to say I'm enjoying feeling queasy, but it's a reminder that I'm pregnant! How is that not awesome!!

The website says this about nausea and vomiting :

Nausea and vomiting: Don’t choose the nursery colors just yet, but studies do show that moms-to-be who are severely nauseated in the first trimester tend to be carrying girls, thanks to the interplay of hormones produced by you and the female fetus. But regardless of your baby’s gender and how sick you feel, you’ll still want to keep some food down. Stick to foods that appeal to you, even if you’re only eating fruit salads for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. (Your baby’s nutritional needs are tiny at this point, so no worries.)

On a "I love my husband" note, Jonathan said the baby probably put in a work order for extra milk so they would have a good supply. haha


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