Food : Part 2

Nothing nothing nothing tastes good.

We had dinner last night at Friday's with close friends. I felt like I could eat a burger so I ordered one, along with spinach artichoke dip. The guy brought out both together instead of bringing the dip out as an appetizer.. whaaa?... so I start trying to eat my burger and I get two bites in before I have to push it away. The dip comes and I start eating that slowly and I don't get too far. I had a cucumber or two off of someone's salad and just called it quits. It's so frustrating to feel hunger then feel a huge stop sign hit your face.

I'm tired of ginger ale, I'm so tired of crackers, I can't eat pizza or pasta. Just typing about food makes me feel awful... honestly the only thing I can reliably eat is Oat Nut toast with extra butter.

I'm going to get my Rx this afternoon. Ondansetron, I hope you can be my hero. This kid is such a picky eater just like his/her mother!
I took half of a tablet and let it dissolve on my tongue - it tasted really sweet like a strawberry Tums. I fell asleep for a few hours and woke up feeling bloated and hungry, but not queasy! yay!


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