Thoughts from Week 10

I have some new meds. The symptoms don't include constipation, but they do include drowsiness and trouble breathing. I haven't tried them yet because I don't want to take them at work and fall asleep or take them when Jonathan isn't here just in case. So.. yea.
Had a big bout of morning sickness today. Jonathan was there to witness it for the first time (I usually tell him it's okay that he is away since I just want to get it over with. Today I wasn't able to verbalize it in time). He stayed, rubbed my back, and I think he was shocked at how quickly I transitioned from miserable and incapacitated to energized and ready to go to work. Once it's out, I usually feel 100 times better. It's the days that I'm not able to "get sick" easily that are the most difficult.


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