Our Story (in a nutshell)

It's official, this blog is going public :)

For those of you just joining us, I am overjoyed and shocked to announce that Jonathan and I are expecting a baby in October! We went through a long and difficult season of trying and we are thrilled!

I had been keeping this blog chronicling our journey to conception and now to parenthood. I do not censor myself in the blog - it is full of frustration, sarcasm, hope, medical jargon, and personal experiences.

Here is a glimpse into our story:

We decided to start trying around Christmas of 2009. The blog itself started in February of 2010 when we thought we were pregnant - I misread a pregnancy test and started the blog within hours of the good news. A few hours after starting the blog, I re-tested with another brand and it was negative. (I never thought I'd be one of those women who would misread a pregnancy test, but turns out its a lot easier than it seems!)

Our town is a young town with conservative values, which means people get pregnant all the flippin' time. Everytime I logged onto Facebook it seemed that someone else was either announcing they were pregnant or just popped out another kid. I was especially frustrated with those younger than us or who had been married for less time (or not married at all) who were having children before us. I started charting, taking my temperature, and becoming overly aware of my ovulation, but nothing was working. In November and January, we had chemical pregnancies (basically a very early miscarriage.) It was devastating and we were more determined than ever to do whatever it took to conceive. We had testing, samples, fertility doctor visits, and nothing happened.

The devastation and frustration brought us to our knees as we finally surrendered everything to God and let Him control our futures entirely. Then God allowed us to conceive!! Looking back, we wouldn't have wanted it any other way. Every bit of this pregnancy, from the nausea to the weight gain, are things that I am so thankful for and will not take for granted.  


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