This Week's Thoughts: Week 8

I'm super bloated today - my stomach is pooched out and fairly firm - I look like I'm in my second trimester. I feel gross and confused - am I 8 weeks along or 12 weeks?
There are now 5 people pregnant in my office, including me. Fortunately we are all in different areas of the office, but 4 of the 5 are due in October!! It's going to be a crazy crazy month.
I threw up this morning! YAY! It made me feel much better.
8 weeks (due date of October 23rd)
pregnancy week by week

13 weeks (due date of September 19th)

I feel like I'm 13 weeks. I just emailed my doctor's office to see if they'll be able to test my blood and see how far along - I'm almost positive the answer is no, that the only way to see is to do an ultrasound, but maybe they'll bump my ultrasound up to the 21st :)

The reason for the wonky due dates is because my last period (in January) was 5 days late and super light - which makes me think it was implantation bleeding and not a full fledged period. This means if my last real period was in December, I could pop in September instead of October! It also means this is the last week of my first trimester - weird.
Tomorrow is our first doctor's appointment! We will have a financial meeting, medical history consultation, and the first ultrasound. We'll have a better idea of how far along the baby is and also if they are healthy or not.

We have not announced to the world (aka Facebook) about our baby yet - we wanted to have some kind of assurance from the doctor first. I feel pregnant, I am nauseas which usually means its healthy, but there is always a voice in my mind that says that I'm not going to be a mother. It's not saying I won't be a good mother, it says I won't be one at all. I guess I became so used to the idea of being infertile that I haven't come to grips that I'm having my own child. Tomorrow will hopefully change all of that!


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