I'm getting used to feeling awful. I'm functional enough for work but not functional enough to be standing/walking around for long periods of time. I stepped off of this week's music team rotation until I can get this kid under control. (Who would have thought I'd have compliance issues so early!) The sicker I feel, the more I think I'm further than 7 weeks. I won't have a sonogram until March 29th, which is 18 days away!! AHH! At that point they'll be able to measure the baby and tell us how far along we are. On a positive note, I had a grilled cheese and hot dog yesterday for lunch - and I finished both! Today I had a hamburger and a hotdog - AND I finished both! I'm on a roll (budum ching.. get it? yea its a bad joke. I blame the baby.)

Jon's been driving me to work everyday since we work on the same campus, just different sides of it. It's so nice to not drive but it's not fun to have him drive me home when I feel bad - it disrupts his day. I feel okay when I drive, but I've been a semi-space cadet lately and I don't want to risk driving when I'm not fully alert.

Last night Jon and I had a fun iChat with Brad and Courtney. They are expecting their first baby about two months before us and we were showing each other the loot we were accumulating. We traded baby book photos, they showed us their 3-D sonogram photos, I showed them my ukulele, they showed us their dogs, we showed them our cat, and we gave each other house tours. I love technology!


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